The Z'Arctic

The ultimate winter coat

Waterproof and warmer

Slightly stretchy waterproof canvas lined with soft fleece gives you complete protection (rain, snow, wind) perfect for playing in the snow.

Our favorite of the year ❤️

Adjustable sleeves

In order to serve a larger number of dogs, our Z'Arctic can be worn in two sleeve lengths.

Head-to-paw protection

The "snood" type collar with adjustable elastic cord covers the ears for complete protection.

The Z'Arctic

Fleece-lined interior perfect for staying warm on long walks


Choose the right size - Z'Arctic

Follow the steps below to determine the correct size.

Sleeve length

Measure from the top of the foot through the withers and up to the top of the other foot

Divide the measurement obtained by 2.

Chest size

Measure around the chest at its fullest part. Keep the measuring tape close to the body without taking into account the length of the hair.

Important: Add 4cm to the measurement obtained for ease.

back length

Measure from the base of the lifted tail working up to the withers.

Important: do not rely on the location of your dog's collar, which is too high.

Size chart - Z'Arctic

Size Weight approx. Sleeve (S) Sleeve (F) Chest Back
0 7 lbs 31 28 3925
1 10 lbs 38 34.5 4830
2 15 - 20 lbs 44 39.5 5635
3 25 - 30 lbs 51 46.5 6440
4 35 - 40 lbs 56 51.5 7445
5 45 - 50 lbs 62 55.5 8050
6 55 - 70 lbs 68 62.5 9055
7 75+ lbs 76 69.5 9860

How to interpret your results

This model can be worn in two sleeve lengths. That is (S)tandard or (F)olded.

First, identify the size offering a sleeve length closest to that of your dog.

Then check if your dog's chest size matches that size too. This must be at least 4 cm longer than your dog's chest circumference.

If not, increase the size. Of course, this will have an impact on the length of the sleeves, which may be a little long or a little short for your dog.

Finally, check if your dog's back length more or less matches the back length of the identified size. If not, you may have measured too high in your dog's neck.

Another way to check back length is to take the measurement from the chart and transfer it to your dog from the tail up. If you come more or less inline with the back of the front leg, the size is right. Otherwise, your dog may have proportions that are not suitable for our current models.

Details to consider

Currently, our models are designed to fit dogs that have similar proportions to standard poodles.

Our coats are not suitable for certain breeds with very short legs (dachshund, shitzu, etc.)

Your measurements do not match any size

If your dog has similar proportions to a poodle, take your measurements again. It is better to take the measurements 2-3 times.

It is possible that your dog is 'in between sizes'.

Is this for your puppy?

It is strongly advised not to buy a coat for a dog that has not reached its adult size (about 10 months)