The Original Z'Hoodie

Seamless hero videos

Our most popular model to protect
against snow accumulation in the coat!

Comfort and versatility

Stretchy and water-repellent fabric

Similar to a hoody

The inside is fleece while the outside is "smooth" knit

Water repellent
Water beads on its surface but is not completely waterproof.

Well tolerated by sensitive dogs

Our experience has shown us that dogs tolerate this model very well.

Its suppleness and body-hugging fit makes most dogs adapt quickly and seem to forget they're wearing clothing.

Head-to-paw protection

The "snood" type collar with adjustable elastic cord covers the ears for complete protection.

One model, two styles


Model with full sleeves
in contrasting color.


Model with sleeves in the same color as the body but with just a touch of contrasting colour at the top.


Choose the right size - Z'Hoodie

Follow the steps below to determine the correct size.

Check if our coats are suitable for your dog

Our coats are not suitable for all breeds

Breeds of the type, with shorter legs, strong chest, very short neck such as French Bulldog, Dachshund, Shitzhu, etc. do not have proportions that suit our coats.  

We advise waiting at least 10 months for large breeds

I know… it “sucks” but it’s less than having a coat that will not stay in place.

Measure your dog

Sleeve length

Measure from the top of the foot across the withers to the top of the other foot

Divide the measurement obtained by 2.

Chest size

Measure the circumference of the chest at its fullest part. Place the tape close to the body without taking into account the length of the hair. Do not tighten but do not leave any looseness either.

back length

Measure from base of tail raised going up to the withers
(aligned with the back of the front leg)

Important: This measurement should not change depending on the position of your dog’s head.

Choose size


Size Sleeve
F (S) E
Chest Back
0 25 (30) 32 34 to 42 25 to 29
1 32 (35) 38 40 to 46 29 to 35
2 36 (41) 46 46 to 56 35 to 40
3 42 (49) 54 55 to 62 40 to 46
4 46 (54) 60 60 to 68 45 to 51
5 51 (60) 65 66 to 80 50 to 59
6 56 (65) 75 76 to 92 55 to 64
7 62 (74) 85 84 to 110 65 to 72

Sleeve legend
F: Folded sleeve. Once equivalent to the width of the wrist
(S): Standard sleeve. Represents the “flat” length of the coat 
E: Stretched sleeve. Acceptable limit if your dog has long legs. Could be a little short.

STEP 1 - Choose the sleeve length.   We recommend using (R)regular sleeve length to begin with. The other lengths give the acceptable limits. Choose the size with a sleeve length closest to that of your dog. Generally doodles wear the sleeves (R)folded if they have more “Golden” genetics. Poodles (or doodle with “poodle”), on the other hand, generally wear the (S)tandard sleeve.  Keep in mind that the thickness of your dog's coat will impact how high the sleeves sit but should not determine the size. 

2ND STEP - Check the chest. Check if your dog's chest measurement is within the chest size gap marked in step 1. If so, go to step 3.

Note that the bottom (left) measurement represents that of the coat "flat" so if your dog's chest is below this size, the coat may be too baggy. The top (right) measurement represents the chest stretched to its maximum. If your dog's chest is above this size, he/she risks looking like a sausage. So it is best to go up to the next size. 

Going larger will have the effect of lengthening the sleeves. Check that your dog's sleeve length is not less than the folded length of the chart. If so, the difference will be how much the sleeves are too long.  

STEP 3 - Confirm the size with the back.   Measuring the back is often difficult to take and can sometimes be misleading. This should not change depending on the position of your dog's head. A good point of reference for the position of the wither is that it aligns with back of the front paw. 

The length of your dog's back should preferably lie within the chart gap. If the back is shorter than the lower value (left), this will have the effect of lengthening the back sleeves because the coat will fall towards the back ("Yo" style) and may not hold up in the snow. If so, check if sizing down would be acceptable.

Another way to validate the back length is to transfer the back measurements of the chart (lower and upper) to your dog's back starting from the raised tail. If you arrive more or less in line with the back of the front leg, that's a good indicator that the size is right. 

Note: If after these steps you are not able to identify a size, it is possible that your dog has proportions that do not fit our current models. Particularly if you have a dog that does not have a size suitable for our models. See step - Validate if our coats are suitable for your dog

To help you, as a general rule (there are always exceptions), a doodle or poodle:

35-42lbs will probably be a Z'Hoodie - size 4
43-49lbs will probably be a Z'Hoodie - size 4 or 5
of 50-55lbs will probably be a Z'Hoodie - size 5 but possible also size 6
of 60-80lbs (even up to 100lbs) will be in size 6 for the Z'Hoodie

What if you choose the wrong size?


We agree to exchange a coat for another size or model if the one you ordered does not fit.

Some conditions apply.

  • Please contact us within 15 days of date of receipt of your order.
  • The coat must not have been worn outside and must be in original condition (clean and free of hair otherwise)



Send an email to with the following information:

  • Order number
  • Breed of your dog
  • Its measurements as specified in the size chart
  • His weight
  • Photos of your dog with the coat received if possible

When we receive your information, we will contact you to see the best solution for your dog. During peak season, please allow 1-3 days for a response.


BY MAIL: shipping costs of $25+tax* are applicable (outbound $12.50/return $12.50).

PRICE DIFFERENCE: In the event of a price difference between the two products exchanged, it will be payable or credited in total depending on the case.

In the event that we do not have a matching coat in another size or color that you desire, we will provide a credit note.

*Only for customers in Quebec and Ontario. Other provinces, we will evaluate the most advantageous option for you.