The Original Z'Hoodie

Comfort and versatility

Stretchy and water-repellent fabric

Similar to a hoody

The inside is fleece while the outside is "smooth" knit

Water repellent
Water beads on its surface but is not completely waterproof.

Well tolerated by sensitive dogs

Our experience has shown us that dogs tolerate this model very well.

Its suppleness and body-hugging fit makes most dogs adapt quickly and seem to forget they're wearing clothing.

Head-to-paw protection

The "snood" type collar with adjustable elastic cord covers the ears for complete protection.

One model, two styles


Model with full sleeves
in contrasting color.

Shop Active style


Model with sleeves in the same color as the body but with just a touch of contrasting colour at the top.

Shop the Urban style


Choose the right size - Z'Hoodie

Follow the steps below to determine the correct size.

Sleeve length

Measure from the top of the foot through the withers and up to the top of the other foot

Divide the measurement obtained by 2.

Chest size

Measure around the chest at its fullest part. Keep the measuring tape close to the body without taking into account the length of the hair.

back length

Measure from the base of the lifted tail working up to the withers.

Important: do not rely on the location of your dog's collar, which is too high.

Size Chart - Z'Hoodie

Size Weight approx. Sleeve Chest Back
0 7 lbs 30 36to 42 25 to 30
1 10 lbs 3640 to 46 30 to 35
2 15 - 20 lbs 4147 to 55 35 to 40
3 25 - 30 lbs 4955 to 62 40 to 45
4 35 - 40 lbs 5460 to 70 45 to 51
5 45 - 50 lbs 6066 to 78 50 to 59
6 55 - 70 lbs 6574 to 90 55 à 64
7 75 - 85 lbs 73 82 to 98 60 to 69
8 90 + lbs 7890 to 110 65 to 75

How to interpret your results

First, identify the size offering a sleeve length closest to that of your dog.

Then check if your dog's chest size matches that size too. This style is stretchy. so try to stay inside the range. You can go a bit under but not over.

If not, increase the size. Of course, this will have an impact on the length of the sleeves, which may be a little long or a little short for your dog.

Finally, check if your dog's back length more or less matches the back length of the identified size. If not, you may have measured too high in your dog's neck.

Another way to check back length is to take the measurement from the chart and transfer it to your dog from the tail up. If you come more or less inline with the back of the front leg, the size is right. Otherwise, your dog may have proportions that are not suitable for our current models.

Details to consider

Currently, our models are designed to fit dogs that have similar proportions to standard poodles.

Our coats are not suitable for certain breeds with very short legs (dachshund, shitzu, etc.)

Your measurements do not match any size

If your dog has similar proportions to a poodle, take your measurements again. It is better to take the measurements 2-3 times.

It is possible that your dog is 'in between sizes'.

Is this for your puppy?

It is strongly advised not to buy a coat for a dog that has not reached its adult size (about 10 months)