L'Original ZHoodie

Comfort and versatility
Goodbye snow clumps!

All our models offer protection against snow accumulation in your dog's coat.

Stretchy and water-repellent fabric

Similar to a hoody

The inside is fleece while the outside is "smooth" knit

Water repellent
Water beads on its surface but is not completely waterproof.

Well tolerated by sensitive dogs

Our experience has shown us that dogs tolerate this model very well.

Its suppleness and body-hugging fit makes most dogs adapt quickly and seem to forget they're wearing clothing.

Head-to-paw protection

The "snood" type collar with adjustable elastic cord covers the ears for complete protection.

One model, two styles


Models with full sleeves in contrasting color.


Model with sleeves in the same color as the body and small accent in contrasting color.

Some reviews from our satisfied customers

Koda finally got his snowsuit. Thanks Sylvie for providing me a great customer service.

Sandra Milena Zarate Rubiano

EXCELLENT quality and workmanship. We love the Z'Arctic jacket we got for our 2 year old doodle. It's perfect, it keeps her warm and it avoids the snowball on her legs. The measurements were accurate and the guide provided good instructions.

G. Garrovillo

Thank you Sylvie for your excellent service and attention to Skye! His coat has an exceptional quality and is very comfortable. I am very happy!! I wish you a lot of success!! Skye thanks you!!

B. Rocha

I have three ZePooch hoodies for my poodles and love them (and my dogs too!). Amazing quality and it prevents dogs from getting snowballs stuck in their fur which would then melt all over the house. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who owns a poodle. :)

Ali S.

WoW!!! We LOVE our new z’arctic coat! Done to perfection! Impeccable customer service and the product is just perfect!!! Congratulations to this great Quebec company!!!

S. Pépin

She makes super nice coats that protect your furry friends well :)! The owner is friendly and responds to your special requests without problem. I recommend ZePooch.

L. Mathieu

Outstanding service. Sylvie makes sure that the client is completely satisfied. I recommend ZePooch without hesitation. Rosie is very proud to wear her new coat which suits her so well. Thank you Sylvie

M. Bergevin

Dexter has never been dressed and he got used to his new active z'hoodie within hours! It is beautiful, comfortable, very stretchy so easy to put on and take off. Excellent quality and very nice design. Size 7 good fit with the measurements taken as given on the site! Thank you.

Caroline et Dexter