Z'Hoodie - Active

"Two-color" model with contrasting sleeves

The coat  water repellent (water resistant) "Hoodie" type perfect for keeping your dog dry this winter (although we have already used Rufus' hoodie on a colder evening while camping). The interior is super cozy micro-fleece while the exterior is smooth. 

Equipped with an adjustable hood and long sleeves, it offers protection from head to toe.

Slips on very easily (see how). With the fabric being stretchy, the Z'Hoodie's fit has been designed to be tighter to hold securely in wetter conditions.

Stretch, breathable and resistant fabric. Perfect for those who want an extra layer of warmth and ultra-comfort for their dog.

New adjustable cuffs in length (New photos to come)

To note : Some dogs can "freeze" when put on a Z'Hoodie (but less than a Z'Anorak) and is not due to poor fit. It takes some time for your dog to adjust.  

Do you have any questions? 

Current production time: 4 - 6 weeks