Important information

The main function of all our coats is to protect your dog from:

-The water

-The snow

-The rain


Not really. None of our coats would be considered "warm" for humans. We consider that your dog has its own "insulation" so does not require additional heat. However, like us humans, protection from water and wind contributes greatly to our comfort in winter.

All our coats are made with breathable fabrics.

Note: Dogs sweat through the mouth and paws, not through the body.

All our models protect against water and will keep your dog dry.

Difference in waterproofness/fabrics per model:

The Z'Hoodie is made with a water-repellent knit type fabric (water beads off the surface).

The Z'Anorak is made with an unlined, waterproof canvas/shell type fabric. Two types are available to you:

-The Classic Z'Anorak : slightly stiffer fabric more similar to an autumn raincoat

-The Z'Anorak Light : Lighter canvas more akin to a spring raincoat.

The Z'Arctic is made with a thin canvas type fabric lined with fleece (soft shell) 3-ply (outer canvas, waterproof membrane, fleece lining). Slightly stretchier than the Z'Anorak.


-Water repellent: Waterproofing treatment applied to the fabric. Water beads on the surface but can force through.

-Raincoat: Canvas that does not allow water to infiltrate.

Note: Also read "Things to consider before completing the purchase"

All our coats are designed primarily to protect large poodles (but may also be suitable for some other breeds of dogs) against the accumulation of snow lumps in the coat during winter and to keep them dry. Keep in mind that Poodles don't normally need a very warm coat due to the type of coat they have, so our coats are not designed to protect them from the cold specifically. Three choices of models are available to you:

L’Original Z’Hoodie, on the other hand, also offers protection against snow lumps and will keep your dog dry thanks to the water-repellent fabric with which it is made. However, it provides less protection against the wind. We could compare it to a "cotton-ouaté" sweater (hoodie) with the interior in cozy fleece but the exterior in water-repellent polyester. Water beads up on its surface. This model is the most popular and greatly appreciated by our customers. We recommend it as a first ZePooch coat.

The Z'Anorak, is what is commonly called a "shell". It is a coat in waterproof shell fabric and without lining. This model offers excellent protection against rain, snow, wind, dirt, dry thistles, and more. This model, although a little stretchy, is much less than our popular Z'Hoodies. However, the design of the coat was made taking this factor into account. has very little stretch, but just like the Z’Arctic, its design has been made with this factor in mind.

The Z’arctic, our model considered to be the "warmest" is comparable to an autumn soft-shell coat (fabric acting as a waterproof shell lined with micro-fleece). Ample warm, in our opinion, for larger breeds! It also performs the same functions as the Z'Anorak in terms of protection. Although very inextensible, its design has been made taking this factor into account.


Z'Hoodie (our most popular model)

Does your dog roam free in the forest?

Do you plan to use the coat on outings with other dogs?

Do you have more than one dog?

Does your dog tend to tie knots easily?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend the Z'Hoodie model. Considering that no fabric is indestructible, this knit type model will tend to make holes rather than tear and will be easier to repair in the event of a snag. For light addicts, a small repair by hand is possible. Being more fitted to the body, this model seems to be better tolerated by dogs. We also believe that this aspect of the coat reduces the formation of tangles in the coat by keeping it in place, but each dog is different and we cannot guarantee that it will not develop.

Z'Anorak and Z'Arctic

Considering that no fabric is indestructible, these canvas-like designs are not recommended if you plan to use them in the following situations:

Your dog roams free in the forest

You plan to use the coat on outings with other dogs

You have more than one dog

In the event of a snag, these fabrics will tend to tear rather than make holes and will require a more complex sewing machine repair. In addition, in some dogs, this pattern can cause the formation of knots in the hair.

Sizes and models

It's actually the same coat. The difference is in the sleeve.

The Active has a contrasting color raglan sleeve.

The Urban has a sleeve of the same color as the body of the coat with a “small touch” yoke of contrasting color.

Small dogs: If you are buying for a small dog, our coats do not have the primary function of being "warm". Especially since it is difficult for us to determine if our products will be warm enough for your particular dog, since our expertise is with larger dogs who do not necessarily need a very warm coat. 

We generally recommend the Z'Hoodie model to our smallest customers since this model can easily be worn under a sleeveless lined coat commonly available in pet stores.

That said, the Z’arctic, our model considered to be our “warmest” is comparable to an autumn soft-shell coat (waterproof shell lined with micro-fleece). Plenty of warm, in our opinion, for larger breeds! This model offers excellent protection against rain, snow, wind, dirt, dry thistles, and more. It's also a little stretchy, but much less than our popular Z'Hoodie. However, the design of the coat was made with this factor in mind.


We recommend waiting until your dog is at least 10 months old before investing in a coat. 

The reason is that our coats need to fit snugly to stay in place. A coat that is too big risks “falling off” with your dog's movements. 

We also cannot estimate the adult size your dog will have.

It depends...

Our current designs are based on the proportions of standard poodles. 

Our models fit the majority of "Doodle" type breeds and the reason why some of our models are offered with adjustable cuffs in length to accommodate sometimes shorter legs (Z'Anorak and Z'Arctic)

If your dog's proportions are different from standard Poodles, our current models are unlikely to be suitable for your dog.

Our coats are not suitable for breeds with short legs such as ShitZu, Dachshund, Bulldogs or other breed with breed specific build.

For certain breeds with "medium" legs, some customers have had the coat altered by a seamstress of their choice and at their expense.

The most important question!

Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on this issue. It really is a matter of personal choice. For us, ALL coats fit well and look good. We wouldn't sell them otherwise.

One thing to consider though... We tend to want to match coat color to our dog's coat, but our experience has shown that all colors work well. Visit our Facebook page to see it for yourself. Do you see a dog that doesn't look cool? 

So go with your crush! 

We are currently in transition to only offer coats that we have in stock. For the end of the 2021-2022 season, we will add the coats as they become available and according to availability. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we refresh the inventory.

It is not possible to reserve in advance because the color combinations that are offered are determined according to the stocks of fabric available. Currently, our inventory of bright colors (pink, mauve, etc.) is very limited. In order to avoid offering only plain coats in a few weeks, we prefer to use these colors to “stretch” our inventory and serve a greater number of customers. 

It is now possible to come to the workshop to come and try on models on site!

Consult the current schedule

Custom orders

We have stopped tailoring since 2020.

The growing popularity for our coats has allowed us to establish sizes that meets the majority of poodle, doodle and more and more breeds of similar proportions.

We do not offer the possibility of making customizations.

Unfortunately, this service is no longer available

After sales service

Many dogs can freeze when a coat is put on them. They almost look shocked! But everything should be back to normal when he goes outside. This is not an indication that the coat is too small.

Machine wash delicate and hang to dry.

It is not recommended to use fabric softener.

Even if it's unfortunate, the unexpected can happen.

If in doubt, you can send us the measurements of your dog and a photo with the coat. It will be our pleasure to help you.

If you wish to make an exchange, please note that we accept exchanges for another size within 15 days of the date of receipt provided that it is has not been worn outside and let it be in its original condition. Please note that there may be a price difference between two sizes.

If it is not possible for you to go to our workshop in Sainte-Eustache, we offer you to use our Purolator services at the same price as us, either $25 for round trip transportation items. In this case, we will send you the return label by email.

*Only for Quebec and Ontario customers. For out-of-province or international customers, contact us to establish the most advantageous option available.