Charter - Step 3 - Choose the Z'Arctic size


Size Sleeve
Chest Back
1 38 34.5 48 30
2 44 39.5 56 35
3 51 46.5 64 40
4 56 51.5 74 45
5 62 55.5 80 50
6 68 62.5 90 55
7 76 69 98 60 

This model is worn in two sleeve lengths: (S) tandards And (F)olded

STEP 1 - Mark the sleeve length.   The sleeves of this model can be worn in two lengths: (S)tandard or (F)olded. Choose the size with a sleeve length closest to that of your dog. Generally doodles wear the sleeves (F)olded if they have more “Golden” genetics. Poodles (or doodle plus “poodle”), on the other hand, generally wear the (S)tandard sleeve.  Keep in mind that the thickness of your dog's coat will impact how high the sleeves sit but should not determine the size. 

STEP 2 - Check the chest. Check if the chart's chest size chosen in step 1 is at least 4 cm larger than your dog's chest measurement for ease. Note that the chart measurement represents the coat measurement. 

If it's not the case, locate the larger size whose chest is at least 4 cm larger than your dog's chest measurement for ease. Now compare the sleeve length (S) or (R) with the sleeve measurement you measured. The difference represents how much the sleeves will be too short or too long.

STEP 3 - Confirm the size with the back.   Measuring the back is often difficult to take and can sometimes be misleading. This should not change depending on the position of your dog's head. A good point of reference for the position of the withers is that it aligns with back of the front paw. 

A good way to validate is to take the measurement of the back of the chart on your dog from the raised tail. If you arrive more or less in line with the back of the front leg or a little higher, that's a good indicator that the size is right. 

Note: If after these steps you are not able to identify a size, it is possible that your dog has proportions that do not fit our current models. Particularly if you have a dog that does not have a size suitable for our models. See step 1a

To help you, as a general rule (there are always exceptions), a doodle or poodle:

38-43lbs will probably be a Z'Arctic - size 4
43-49lbs will probably be a Z'Arctic - size 5
50-55lbs will not wear the Z'Arctic - size 5 but probably more a size 6
of 60-65lbs will be in size 6 and 7 for the Z'Arctic
of 65-75lbs will be between size 7 and 8 for the Z'Arctic