ZePooch takes pride in designing high quality canine outerwear that protects your dog from the elements while looking awesome!  This is why we use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  However, just like high-end human outerwear, things can happen...

We do check every coat before it leaves our facility for material and workmanship defects.  As a precaution, please inspect your coat as soon as you receive it.  If an item is found to be defective upon delivery, let us know within 24 hours and we will gladly exchange it.

We do not warranty any damage from normal or extended wear, improper care, owner negligence, roughhousing, chewing, snags or tears unless you received it that way and had previously notified us. Damages resulting from this are not considered as a defect in materials or workmanship and is not indicative of poor quality.

Unfortunately, dog's will be dog's.  They are not aware of the value of the coat they are wearing and just want to have fun.  Branches, fences, rolling on the pavement or gravel, their friend's teeth, etc. are all things that can damage any high-end dog or human garment.

In the event your dog's coat does get damaged, we understand that it can be disappointing and we will gladly send you a fabric swatch and some thread to help out with repairs.